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 We at Light House have recognized the need for modern and creative programming that provides opportunities for individuals to engage in continued learning, shared experiences and the building of social networks in our community. While we have not walked a mile in your shoes, we hopefully share the same vision as you; that your loved ones are seen, their voices are heard and their unique needs are met. This is LIGHT HOUSE:  WE ARE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!



Heather is the driving force behind the creation of Light House. She's a secondary school Special Education teacher devoted to supporting her students transition from the classroom to the community. Most importantly, she's a mom of two in a family that includes her daughter Zoey, who experiences life with Autism. Understanding that life doesn't stop after high school, Heather wanted to provide opportunities for individuals to engage in continued learning and shared experiences by supporting individuals to make connections to their peers and community. With this trailblazing spirit, Heather founded Light House out of the desire to create a culture that puts advocacy into action, fosters confidence in independent living and supports inclusion in our community. 



Kyle's unique life experience inspired him to pursue a career path supporting individuals in the field of Special Education. After realizing a shared vision of a modern program that thinks and moves outside the box, he enthusiastically joined Heather in cofounding Light House. H

understands that people thrive when provided different paths of learning and holds a strong conviction that every individual deserves a stage to confidently be themselves. Kyle believes life is like a plate of nachos; it's better when it's colourful, blended and we all share. 

And most importantly...

Our wonderful team of staff and volunteers. 

Karen's commitment to Light House from its early days has been an important factor in Light House's continued success. Having a close family member with exceptionalities, Karen has a genuine appreciation for the cultural foundation of Light House; the way we listen, understand and support people, can make all the difference in their lives. Karen is a lifelong contributor to the Waterloo Region where she lives with her family.


Light House fills a void in the community for programs for our children. Heather puts a lot of thought and creativity into the day program my son attends. He has experienced many fun filled excursions out and about in the community with this program. Keep up the good work."

- D.P. - Parent

"The one word that was used by everyone in our group was PASSION. You showed our class a lot of passion for the work that you do on a daily basis which was inspiring." 

 - J.P. Community Partner

"Light House has been a blessing to us for our son. We felt so lost as to what to do once high school ended. Light House and the programs it offers has given my son a sense of pride and accomplishment."

 - A.L - Parent

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