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We offer a personalized experience in a group setting by ENCOURAGING each individual to engage in a variety of meaningful activities in a manner most suitable to their specific needs. As our participants are adults, they will enjoy a program that is AGE and DEVELOPMENTALLY appropriate. With our VOICES and HELPING HANDS initiatives, individuals will be provided with opportunities to learn, experience and share while connecting to, and giving back to our community.

Independent Living Skills

Light House encourages the development of skills for daily living. Individuals are active participants in a program that highlights the many skills required for independent living: meal planning, budgeting, grocery shopping, cooking, bus training, work placements, personal safety and many more relevant topics that address the concerns of adults living in a modern world. 

Social Networks

 We believe that friendship and a sense of belonging in our community is the most significant factor contributing to a positive life experience. Together, staff and participants act as a reliable support system to help foster relationships and build unity within a safe and active social network. 

Healthy Living

We believe in healthy living and encourage personal wellness through daily physical activity, including trips to the YMCA, Zumba, Swimming, Martial Arts and Yoga, and trail walks. Participants also learn about healthy living strategies, and manage various horticultural projects.  

 Community Engagement

Whether they are volunteering, exploring our community's cultural landmarks or attending special events, our participants are provided with meaningful opportunities that are suitable to their interests and abilities. We have been fortunate to pair with many wonderful local organizations and businesses, which allow our participants to engage members of our community, share their talents, and gain valuable work skills. 

Helping Hands Social Enterprise